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Amazon Web Services has become a leading provider of cloud services, but its success is attracting hackers who want a peek at all that juicy information. That’s why AWS security experts are in hot demand. Interested in cybersecurity? Put your money where your mouth is with the AWS Security Master Class, available to BGR readers for just $29.

This 2-course, 10-hour bundle will show you how to keep a company’s data safe using AWS’ built-in security tools. You’ll dive into Identity Access Management (IAM) and learn how to control which users can access certain resources on the AWS platform. Driving forward into event-driven security, you can learn how to recognize and neutralize hacking threats as they arise. Soon enough, you’ll be on the track towards a new, lucrative career.

The AWS Security Master Class runs for $158, but BGR readers can save big and get it on sale for just $29.