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A quality tech education doesn’t have to drown you in student loans. The Pay What You Want: 2016 Pro Ethical Hacker Bundle can show you how to protect corporate networks and master today’s top cybersecurity tools, all for a price you choose.

This course collection features all the skills you need to start hacking for the good guys to identify and patch security flaws in corporate environments. That includes training in Kali Linux, building and fighting Trojans, configuring safe networks, and much more. By the end of these 8 courses, you’ll be a cybersecurity whiz and can start marketing your talents for any employer that uses a corporate network. So, any employer.

Here’s how the bundle works: pay whatever price you want, and you’ll automatically unlock the last two of the bundle’s eight courses. However, you’ll need to beat the average price paid if you want all eight.

This course bundle comes with nearly $1,300 worth of content, but it can be all yours for a price you pick.