When was the last time a movie made you feel something?

When was the last time you had to wipe away tears, either because you couldn’t cope with what was happening to a character on screen or because you couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it all? These are the moments we remember, and in a new video, CineFix has rounded up ten of the most emotional movie moments of all time. You’re sure to recognize at least a few of them.

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There are two things about CineFix videos that stand out. The first is just how in-depth they can be — this video, for example, is over 23 minutes long! If you’re looking for something entertaining to waste a chunk of your afternoon on, you rarely have to look any further than CineFix’s YouTube channel.

The other great element of a CineFix video is how the movies are categorized. Rather than just simply listing ten moments that made moviegoers cry, CineFix has picked ten different kinds of moments, from devastating scenes that make you cry to beautiful scenes that make you weep to infuriating scenes that make you want to jump into the movie and beat somebody up.

Some of the highlighted movies in the video include Fruitvale Station, Saving Private Ryan and Synecdoche, New York, but countless others are mentioned and nearly all of them are spoiled, so steer clear if you hate spoilers:

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