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Done complaining about iPhone 7 dropping the headphone jack? Good, let’s look to the future, or rather, the present, to the Earin True Wireless Earbuds. The gold standard for wireless earbuds, these go for $199, but you can knock $35 off that price using the coupon code, EARIN35.

Earin means what it says: These earbuds are designed with literally no cables or wires. But the sound never suffers either; they’re engineered with high-precision balanced armature speakers and fit any ear thanks to their Comply™ foam tips. Even cooler, you can charge these buds on the move while you stow them in their sleek Earin capsule.

The Earin True Wireless Earbuds retail for $199, but you can take $35 off with the EARIN35 coupon code.

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