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The web development boom just got a little louder with the release of Angular 2, and if you’re trying to find your way into the tech world, hopping on this revamped version of the powerful JavaScript library is a smart strategy. That’s where the Immersive Angular 2 Bundle comes in.

Regardless of your experience level, this 6-course bundle will teach you to build fully-fleshed out applications. And it’s on sale for just $41.

Boasting enhanced speed, cross-platform use, and flexibility, Angular 2 further streamlines the app-making process. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Angular, the new features of Angular 2, and get hands-on training by building over 10 of your own applications. When you’re finished, you’ll have a skill that will impress employers in all industries looking to produce their own applications.

Normally $349, the Immersive Angular 2 Bundle is on sale for just $41 – over 80 percent off retail price!