We have only about a month to go until The Walking Dead returns. The Season 7 premiere is set for October 23rd, and that’s when we’ll hopefully learn which main character Negan killed. There are many theories floating around, and we have our suspicions, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. However, the upcoming season isn’t going to focus only on the Negan vs. Rick squabble, although that’s going to be the main conflict. A brand new trailer for the show shows us that there’s plenty more action to be found in the upcoming new season of AMC’s hit show.

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Season 6 brought us Negan and his bat, Lucille, which he uses to kill one of the characters we’ve grown to love. But season 7 will introduce another major new character from the comics — Ezekiel is coming, and he’s bringing his tiger Shiva with him.

Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton, is the leader of a different faction that we’re going to be introduced to this season: the Kingdom. The latest Walking Dead trailer focuses on Ezekiel, and for good reason. After all, we need more strong characters in this world, characters who would not be afraid to challenge the Negans and Ricks that come along.

If you’ve already read the comics, then you have a pretty good idea of who Ezekiel is. But don’t expect the show runners to stick to the original script — they said as much during a Comic-Con panel this summer. And given that Glenn didn’t die at Negan’s hand, we can expect plenty of other changes.

Check out the full new Walking Dead trailer below.

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