It’s hard to be a dog nowadays, especially if you’re Coco, a spoiled dog belonging to the son of a Chinese real estate billionaire. Life isn’t hard because you have to sleep on the street or eat bad kibble — it’s because the dumb humans keep giving you thousands of dollars of electronics to play with, instead of a nice stick.

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Coco is the same dog that received two Rose Gold Apple Watch units last year, one for each front paw, and each worth $12,000.

Now its owner, Wang Sicong, son of Chinese real estate billionaire Wang Jianlin, has posted an image on Coco’s Weibo account that shows the Alaskan Malamute cozying up to eight iPhone 7 Plus boxes. Jianlin is the chairman of the largest real estate developer in China and the world’s 20th richest billionaire, which makes Sicong China’s richest son.

“I don’t understand all the show-off posts on (social media). What’s the point? Don’t make me do it?” the caption of the post says, according to CNN. Business Insider points out that a 256GB iPhone 7 costs 7,988 yuan, or about $1,198. That means Wang could have spent as much as $9,584 on iPhones for the dog, although it’s not clear what models he chose.

From the images, it’ clear that Coco received a bunch of iPhone 7 Plus units, and at least one iPhone 7.

Still, Wang felt like he needed to post the image on Weibo last Friday when the iPhone launched in almost 30 markets.

If for some reason, you failed to secure a launch day iPhone 7 last week, then you at least take some comfort in the fact that Coco probably doesn’t care about the new toys. They’re probably too boring for her.

iphone-7-coco-dog-picture-2Image source: Weibo

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