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Browsing online using our phone’s data isn’t ideal. While it gets the job done, our phone batteries drain fast and data plans get pricey.

That’s why getting the Karma Go Hotspot is a smarter move. This mobile hotspot lets you create a private WiFi network anywhere, and for a limited time it’s on sale for only $199. And as if this offer weren’t sweet enough, it also includes 50 GB of high speed LTE data for the first month.

With your own private network, the Karma Go Hotspot lets you stay online with all your compatible devices. Whether you need to browse on your laptop or print something remotely, this hotspot has you covered. What’s more, the Karma Go Hotspot is incredibly portable. Simply stick it in your pocket, and you can create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere.

You can get a Karma Go Hotspot and 50 GB of data for the first month for only $199, saving more than 30% off its $299 normal price.