Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the event you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Apple is about to unveil its brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will instantly become the most popular smartphones on the planet when they’re released. There have been so many leaks and rumors at this point that we feel like we already know just about everything there is to know about these hot new handsets. Of course nothing is official until Apple executives announce it on stage, and they’re about to get the show underway.

We already told you how to watch the live stream of Apple’s big iPhone 7 event, and in this post you’ll find a continuously-updated live blog from the whole team here at BGR.

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Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be huge updates compared to last year’s models. Sure, they might look similar, but just about everything under the hood will be new.

If leaks and rumors pan out — and we think they will — Apple’s new iPhones will feature a 16nm Apple A10 processor, larger batteries, new True Tone displays, a redesigned 3D Touch home button, a new single lens camera on the iPhone 7 and a dual-lens “iSight Duo” camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, twice as much storage for each new iPhone model, dramatically improved water-resistance, 2GB of RAM for the 7 and 3GB of RAM for the 7 Plus, larger batteries and two new color options including a glossy black.

Apple has more planned for the event as well, of course. We’ll see the finished versions of iOS 10 and macOS in addition to watchOS 3, and Apple also reportedly plans to unveil a brand new version of the Apple Watch. Does that cover everything? Will Apple have a few surprises in store for us? It’s finally time to find out. Our live updates will appear below (no need to refresh the page) and you can see the rest of our Apple event coverage by following this link.

In case you missed it, Apple just made all of its Plus models more expensive. Check out full pricing and availability details for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus right here.

And a Sia performance to put a bow on the event.

I dunno Chris, we’ve got 10 more minutes…

I’m sensing there won’t be a one more thing. 

AirPods cost $159. 

iPhone 7 preorder: September 9th. Release date is September 16th. 

The program is launching in UK and China as well.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is still here. A new iPhone every year with Apple Care and installment plans. 

After a year, iPhone 6s is getting a 32GB model. Who’s excited? 128GB also stays. 

iPhone 6 has died today. Bye bye good old friend.


Memory is double at 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Jet Black won’t be available in 32GB versions.

128GB and 256GB for mid and upper tier storage options

32GB of storage for the entry level model

The price is the same as the iPhone 6s. 

Schiller is going through the main features of each phone. 

iPhone 7 Plus: 1 hour more than iPhone 6s Plus. 

iPhone 7: 2 hours more than iPhone 6s.

“Longest battery life ever in an iPhone.”

We’re having an internal debate right now: Jet Black is ridiculously gorgeous but it’s going to show fingerprints and oil like crazy. Are you guys into it? Let us know in the comments here or on Twitter…


But who needs AirPods anyway when your iPhone is now a vibrating game controller?

Yeah, AirPods are nice, but are clearly a niche product.. I don’t think Apple sold us on abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack, their “courage” notwithstanding

The only problem with the AirPods? You might lose them faster than you’ll lose that Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter.

This game might make me switch to Android.

F1 2016 is a gorgeous game on console, incredible that the developers can achieve even a significant percentage of that performance on iPhone.

The A10 is blazing fast and more energy efficient, we’ll see what Apple has to say about battery life

four-core CPU

A10 processor is 40% faster than the A9.. hot damn

A10 Fusion: the chip that will power the iPhone 7.

5 hours of AirPod usage is unacceptable for most users I’d wager

Jonathan S. Geller

Mac is up!

AirPods are going to be fantastic if they work, and completely terrible if they don’t. No middle ground. 

Apple has yet another chip, the W1 wireless chip

Jonathan S. Geller

That’s why you keep the case.

Yeah, losing these seems frighteningly easy.

Seems like a bad idea to take them on a public bus or subway, or even a run if they don’t fit perfectly snug

Very cool design, but I hope they’re more comfortable than Apple’s previous standard earphones. Those things killed my ears.

AirPods look legit, but how often will people lose/misplace them?

5 hours of listening on a single charge.

You can tap them to activate Siri, pretty cool

The AirPods will only play when they’re in you’re ear

Jonathan S. Geller

Talk to me, Jony.

“We believe in a wireless future” Jony Ive says

The box is probably used for charging the AirPods. 

Wireless AirPods.

Apple says it has the “courage” to move on from the 3.5mm headphone jack

Smart move to include the adapter in the box

Wonder how much it costs separately. 

The dongle is real. It’s ugly. It’s in the box. And it’s going to get lost ASAP.

Why Lightning over 3.5mm? Schiller asks

Schiller now explains why Apple is killing the headphone jack. 

EarPods with Lightning. 

EarPods are next.

Twice the volume in the iPhone 6s.

2x louder

Stereo speakers coming to the iPhone for the first time

Stereo speakers: one at the bottom, one at the top. 

Bye bye 3.5mm headphone jack?

Instagram update launches later this year.

Time to talk about Audio

Instagram’s demo is also done on the iPhone 7 Plus. Because that’s the camera Apple probably wants us to want.

Instagram on stage to talk camera and screen. 

Probably no resolution changes.

The display is getting better: 25% brighter, wide color gamut, end-to-end color management, 3D Touch.

Camera time over, onto the next big feature – Retina HD Display

Retina HD display is next.

Prediction: Schiller will not tell us why this DSLR-grade camera doesn’t fit on a 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the best camera made on an iPhone.

“This camera is gonna change the game.” Jason Nocito.

The picture Schiller showed us to explain the blur was taken with an iPhone 7 Plus.

The blur is being generated in real time. Better than high-end DSLR that can’t do it on their screens in real time.

The new style called Portrait will get you that amazing depth effect.

“A huge breakthrough,” Schiller says. 

Just like the invite hinted at.

Here it comes, bokeh.

One more thing… for the iPhone 7 Plus camera. 

So far the demos look amazing. If you take a lot of photos on the iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus is your device. 

Dayum, zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus is incredible

Yes, the iPhone 7 Plus does have the better camera. The one you’ll want. 

Optical zoom is at 2x. Software zoom goes up to 10x.

1x – one-lens photo. 2x and above – telephoto lens. 

You’ll be able to zoom with a new button on the screen. 

Official: iPhone 7 Plus is going after DSLR cameras. 

One has a wide-angle camera like the iPhone 7, while the other has a telephoto lens. 

iPhone 7 Plus camera: dual-lens camera official. 2 x 12-megapixel cameras. 

And now it’s time for the main course.. the iPhone 7 Plus… dual camera action on deck

Schiller is even more excited. 

Yes: iPhone 7 Plus, I answer. 

Can the camera experience be even better, I ask? 

The sensor comes with new sensor technology as used on the back camera. 

Front facing camera is now a 7 megapixel sensor

7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera on the front.

RAW capture support also available in new camera. 

Live Photos on iPhone 7: Video stabilization, edition support. API for capture and editing for app developers.

iPhone 7 camera quality looks incredible.. very rich and vibrant photos

“This iPhone is going to be a part of any professional’s repertoire of tools.” – Christopher Andersen.

The camera super computer does it all in 25ms. Impressive. 

The iPhone 7 will have an amazing camera. But I still want the other one. 

Signal processor reads the scene, uses AI learning, and configures the shot. 

Apple-designed image signal processor might be the most important camera component on the iPhone.

iPhone 7 camera: everything about it is new. Optical image stabilization, f/1.8 aperture lens (50% more light), six-element lens. New 12-megapixel sensor (60% faster and 30% more energy efficient). 4 LEDs flash.

New 12 megapixel sensor, 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient

Optical image stabilization in every iPhone 7 model

The camera. Let’s see how Apple explains the different cameras in the two iPhones.

That’s IP67 protection: New seals and new adhesives make it possible. 

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water and dust resistant. 

iPhone 7 is water and dust-resistant

Yes, the Taptic Engine will be used for other actions: Quick Actions, Messages, Notifications. 

Force-sensitive, solid-state. Works in combination with a new Taptic Engine.

Interestingly, the home button is customizable. That’s exciting. 

The home button is now touch sensitive, the mechanical home button is no more

Schiller explains how Apple redesigned the home button. 

Single-lens camera on the iPhone 7. 

So long Space Grey

Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold are still in the works. 

The Jet Black design looks pretty slick… 

And a second new black: Black.

Design: Jet Black – high gloss surface. And yes, the new black color is confirmed already.

Phil is on the stage talking about the iPhone 7’s 10 main features.

Or that was it? Should we be excited? 

Phil Schiller now taking the stage to talk all things iPhone

Let’s also show the 4.7-inch iPhone, shall we?

Every time I’m stressed about life I just want this video on a loop

Say what you will about Ive, but these “creation” videos are certainly impressive. 

Apple would like you to know the correct spelling is “aluminium”

It’s clear the iPhone 7 Plus is the most important of the two for Apple.

Ive should read bedtime stories for kids.. put them to sleep real quick

“The most deliberate evolution of our original design.” Yup, that’s Jony.

Spoke too soon! Heeeeere’s Jony.

But does it explode like the Note 7?

Yes, I agree. The iPhone 7 Plus is the iPhone 7.  

Tim Cook is live-narrating the video for a change. no Jony Ive

“This is the iPhone 7” Cook says, with the focus on the iPhone 7 Plus.

“The best iPhone we have ever created.”

The most advanced smartphone is coming.

(Quick item of interest for Apple Watch users: watchOS 3 will be released next Tuesday, September 13th)

Impressive integration with third-party products, but HomeKit on iOS 10 is still a little lacking, at least in the beta.

“Works with Apple HomeKit” is one label you should look for.

HomeKit gets special attention, with hundreds of products coming soon. 

Cook goes through some of the new features in iOS 10, Apple’s “biggest” release yet. 

Only 600,000 of those are sitting in a landfill!

Tim Cook says Apple sold 1 billion iPhones.

Chris, no spoilers!

Translation: iPhone 7 preorder starts September 9th. iOS 10: September 13th. Launch September 16th. 

Jonathan S. Geller

iPhone is up!

Preorder starts: September 9th. watchOS: September 13th. Launch: September 16th.

$269 to have Pokemon Go on my wrist? Tempting…

Original Apple Watch is now called Series 1: same dual-core processor as Series 2, priced at $269.

Is Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 the worst Apple product name ever? Discuss.

Apple Watch Series 2 costs $369, just like the Nike version. 

Jeff is back. Let’s hear about battery life. 

Apple Watch Nike edition will be available in four cool colors. 

LOL: “Just do it Sunday!” or how Nike is motivating you to get up and run.

Your Nike app will now shame you relentlessly until you go for a run. Not sure how I feel about this.

The Nike Watch will ask you if you want to run today. Wondering if the other “stupid” non-Nike Apple Watches will have access to this Nike app.

I have to say, the barrier between me and going for a run has never been the ability to start the run by talking to Siri, rather than pushing buttons.

It’s made to help you start your run with a push of a button or a Siri command. 

“It’s your perfect running partner.” 

But I can get behind this Apple Watch Nike edition.

Apple Watch Nike Plus. Apple naming convention is stranger and stranger.

Apple partnered with Nike for runners. 

Here comes Nike in.

The new Hermes versions look amazing, but I’ve already sold all my kidneys

Series 2 is coming in Hermes models as well. 

Ceramic is four times more durable than stainless steel.

Cases in aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. 

Demo time for new hiking app.

The activity app will now show you varying speeds and route. I can use this for my runs. 

The fitness geek inside me wants this watch, like, right now. 

Built-in GPS confirmed. 

Second-generation display: two times brighter than before. The brightest display Apple shipped on any product at 1,000 nits.

Complaints about the speed were rife with the first Apple Watch. Between the new watchOS and better hardware, expect that to be fixed. 

Apple Watch has SiP 2 with faster dual-core chip and faster graphics. 

The SiP is one of the most fascinating components of the Watch. 

Learn more about Apple Watch Series 2 right here.

Swimming fitness is a big push with the Series 2. Not just waterproofing, but a lot of science behind tracking swim workouts.

Waterproof speakers aren’t all that new, for what it’s worth. GoPro Session has one!

Oh hey, here’s a patent we wrote about a while ago in action. Speaker ejecting water out of an Apple device.

The waterproof features of the Apple Watch are probably coming to the iPhone 7.

Water resistant 50 meters. 

Apple’s next-generation Apple Watch will finally be water-resistant enough to swim and shower with!

Apple Watch is now swimproof. 

So that’s the name, Apple Watch Series 2.

Ok, the next-gen Apple Watch is here. Forget about Pokemon.

So you’ll have to buy an Apple Watch now. And an iPhone if you don’t have one.

At least having the app on your Apple Watch will make it easier to attach to your dog/ceiling fan/record player

“I’m going to keep walking to see if I can hatch an egg.” an interesting demo to say the least!

Speaking of Mario: Apple reveals that Mario is coming to the App Store

Pokemon Go has now been downloaded more than 500 million times so far — crazy

With Mario on iPhone and Pokemon Go on Watch…

Pokemon Go is coming to the Watch!!!

Jonathan S. Geller

Pokemon Go coming to Apple Watch

Breathe and 911 among the notable additions to watchOS 3.

“You just gotta love Donald Duck.”

Jeff Williams walks us through the new watchOS 3 features that Apple demoed at WWDC 2016.

Tim Cook: “Customers love the Apple Watch.”

(still no shipment numbers or revenue figures though)

If it’s one product I’m personally excited about, that’s the next Apple Watch.

Jonathan S. Geller

Number two watch brand in world now.

Jonathan S. Geller
Bring on the WATCH!

Next up, Apple Watch. 2?

Tim Cook is back up on stage, wrapping up Education segment 

Collaboration works a lot like it does in similar productivity apps, and the demo was surprisingly smooth on stage.

Live iWork demo. Apple sure seems confident that nothing wil go wrong.

Real time collaboration in iWork apps.. not too shabby

There are going to be so many firsts about this iPhone. It’s also the first time Apple leaks its iPhone before the keynote gets there. 

“Teachers and students love creating stunning documents.”  Really Tim, really?

Apple is pushing hard to make its programming language Swift accessible to young students in schools, for obvious reasons. Expect that push to continue and intensify moving forward.

Cook talking about education makes me feel like I’m back in school.. ..

“@Apple hasn’t tweeted yet.”
Oh yes, it has.

So Apple’s Twitter person screwed up, and released three Twitter ads too early. So, we know that the iPhone 7 will come in black, be water resistant, have better battery life, and new cameras. 

Still so excited about Mario. And what a great way to start the iPhone 7 event.

Maybe we can get some Contra action next

Mario announcement is huge, and long overdue

Also, today we learned that Apple should never tweet tweets. Never. Ever.

I know what I’ll be doing next. 

Apple Music still can’t match Spotify.. perhaps the revamped design can change things a bit


So, uh, Apple just accidentally tweeted this…

Jonathan S. Geller

Talking about iOS 10’s new Music app. It’s actually really great too. I liked the old one, but people are going to like the new music experience.

Forget music, I could really use a dongle right now.

Last we heard, Spotify had 30m paying users, for reference

Jonathan S. Geller

17m Apple music subscribers

Jonathan S. Geller

Apple Music updates

Okay, time for the actual event. Tim Cook on stage!

Roll tide.

Jonathan S. Geller

What’s up, P.

Carpool Karaoke takes a turn for the “hoo buddy.”

Jonathan S. Geller

It’s kind of amazing.

We’re underway….with Tim Cook in a car with a late-night TV host

Jonathan S. Geller

Event is starting in just a minute or two.

Jonathan S. Geller

An English to Canadian translator?

Jonathan S. Geller


Jonathan S. Geller

Camera is obviously the show-stealer, but what if Apple one more things us?

Drinks of milk are OK too, kids

Jonathan S. Geller

Easy Chris, there are children around.

Most importantly, Apple joined Twitter a couple days ago, but hasn’t posted anything yet. First tweet live on stage? We should probably make some kind of drinking game.

Jonathan S. Geller

I would expect Apple to not replace the headphone jack with a terrible Bluetooth solution, so if it’s as rumored and a custom wireless protocol, it’s a huge step forward.

Jonathan S. Geller

Apple’s live stream is now up in case you would like to follow along like a human.

Apple’s big iPhone 7 event is about to start – here’s how to watch live

Regardless of what else Apple shows off today, you can expect all the headlines to be about removing the headphone jack. We’ve all argued this to death in the past, but might Apple have some magic solution that makes ditching the 3.5mm port all ok?

We’ve got 10 minutes to go until the event tentatively starts! Apple’s events have a storied history of not starting on time, so you’ve got plenty of time to find coffee and popcorn, and read everything you need to know before we get underway.