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How many charging cables have you gone through over the years? Instead of replenishing your stock of the same flimsy cables, you should invest in one that’s built to last.

The Zus Kevlar Charging Cable is ultra-durable and backed by a lifetime warranty, and it’s now on sale starting at $16.99.

Fashioned from the same material used to make bulletproof vests, the Zus Kevlar Charging Cable is designed shrug off normal wear and tear. It’s been proven to bend over 15,000 times without breaking, and its nylon braiding makes tangles a thing of the past. What’s more, this cable is outfitted with a 90 degree plug, allowing it to fit in narrow spaces.

Starting at $16.99, the Zus Kevlar Charging Cables are on sale to BGR readers for a limited time. Be sure to choose between the Lightning, MicroUSB and USB-C options on the right side of the deal page.