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Ask any interior designer, and they’ll tell you lighting makes a huge difference in any room. Now imagine if you could unleash the entire color spectrum with just one light.

Using the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb, you can bring a rainbow of color to any room–straight from your smartphone. For a limited time, you can get the SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb on sale for only $29.99.

This smart bulb lets you alter the ambience of any room with over 16 million color options. Using the bulb’s app, you can turn it on or off, and change colors directly–as well as schedule functions and timers to match your daily routine. What’s more, this bulb is designed to last for 40,000 hours, equivalent to 27 years, while using only 10% of the power normal bulbs do.

The SMFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb normally retails for $40, but BGR readers can save 25% off, making the final price only $29.99.