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In an age of self-driving cars and smartphones, it’s amazing we still rely on peepholes to see who’s at our door. The Brinno PHV1330 PeepHole Viewer is a modern version of this age-old fixture, and it’s on sale for only $45.99.

Featuring a 3” display, the Brinno lets you see who’s at your door in sharp detail. While traditional peepholes are virtually useless in the dark, this device comes with a brightness enhancement that lets you see visitors in darker settings.

What’s more, this viewer also records guests and saves their image on an SD card, so you can see who swung by when you weren’t around.

THe Brinno PHV1330 PeepHole Viewer normally retails for $159.99, but BGR readers can get it for only $45.99, or more than 70% off.