Sony is increasing the price of its Playstation Plus membership to $60 for the year starting in September. That’s a $10 increase over what it is currently, so unless you hate free money, you should go buy this Playstation Plus gift card right now.

The increase takes effect starting on September 22nd. A yearly membership will be $60 going forwards, and the three-month membership is $25. Basically, if you use Playstation Plus, which you probably do if you play Playstation games online, a yearly membership is a good idea.

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Rather than waiting for your membership to run out and just renewing online (which will cost you $60), you might as well order a Playstation Plus gift card while you can. The physical card will come in the mail, and you should be able to redeem the code whenever your current membership runs out, but having only paid $50 rather than $60.

Playstation Plus is needed to play most online games with a Playstation. It’s a little embarrassing that Sony still charges for online games (and won’t let you change your gamertag!), but that’s the price you pay for plug-and-play gaming.

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