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Apple may design industry-defining products, but they’re not always perfect. Case in point: the Apple Watch Charger. It might get the job done, but little can be said for its flimsy design.

That’s why the NightStand for Apple Watch is here, bringing secure charging convenience with a sleeker look. For a limited time, BGR readers can get it for only $19.95.

Built with a low-profile design, the NightStand is minimalistic, but lets its easy usability do the talking. Its intuitive design makes positioning the MagSafe cord easy, and it can be docked and undocked with one hand. Plus, it securely adheres to any flat surface, making it difficult to knock over.

While the Apple Watch has forever changed the smartwatch game, its charger could use some help. Bring your charging up to speed with the NightStand for Apple Watch, now on sale for only $19.95 (33% off).