Movies based on popular video games tend to fall into either one of two categories: they’re either so boring that we quickly forget about their existence or they’re so comically bad and unwatchable that they essentially become legendary, with 1993’s Super Mario Bros film being a prime example.

All that said, Hollywood has never been afraid to make the same mistake twice — or even 50 times for that matter — so even in 2016 we’re still being bombarded with a seemingly endless number of video game-to-movie adaptations. With the Angry Birds movie thankfully behind us, we can now turn our attention to a film that might surprise us all and actually be entertaining — Assassin’s Creed. We’ve been playing various incarnations of the game for years now, and a film based on the popular video game franchise is slated to hit theaters later this December.

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Starring Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons, the film should, at the very least not be short on wild and crazy action. Case in point: one of the stunts for the film involved a stunt man performing a 125 foot free fall jump, aka a Leap of FaithWhat makes the stunt so incredible is that it marks the highest free fall jump by a stunt man in nearly 35 years.

You can check out a brief clip of the stunt below. A fuller version can be viewed over here via ScreenRant.

The official trailer for the film can be viewed below.