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Collecting gadgets is fun. Digging yourself out of a pile of drones and tablets? Not so much. Thankfully, the AnyMote Home Universal Smart Remote is here, and you can finally control all your gadgets right from your smartphone.

For a limited time, BGR readers can get the AnyMote on sale for only $74.99.

Whether you’ve got an arsenal of gaming systems or speakers, AnyMote lets you control all your WiFi and infrared devices right from your smartphone. This device can also connect Amazon Echo, letting you wrangle your devices with voice recognition–and automate tasks like turning on lights or playing music. (Protip: this is an easy way to impress friends and family.)

On sale for nearly half off its $139 retail price, AnyMote offers universal control at a price that’s tough to walk away from. BGR readers can get theirs today for only $74.99.