Look, I want a phablet with 6GB of RAM as much as the next person, if only for the entertainment value of having a phone with six times more RAM as my first laptop. But rumors are suggesting the fully-loaded Galaxy Note 7, which does indeed have 6GB of RAM, will be on sale in China for over $900. A grand. For a phone. Nope.

According to SamMobile, Samsung will be putting a version of the Note 7 on sale in China with 6GB of RAM. The upgrade from the stock 4GB of RAM (already a truly overkill amount of RAM for a mobile device) is necessary because other Chinese manufacturers are making devices with 6GB of RAM, and Samsung doesn’t want to lose the war of the spec sheets.

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So, according to SamMobile‘s source, Samsung will launch a version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage in China on August 28th. The price is listed as a little over $900, so if you add in the pain of importing a phone into the US from abroad, you’d be spending $1,000 to have it in your hands.

On the downside, you’d be poor. But on the upside, a Galaxy Note 7 with those internals does sound like a terrifyingly capable piece of hardware. If you’re not a frequent upgrader, and you plan on hanging onto a device for years to come, heavy over-speccing isn’t a bad way of guaranteeing that your phone will be fast well past when it should be totally dead.

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