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In the digital age, information has become more valuable than cash, and there’s no shortage of hackers and shady agencies eager to take a crack at your personal data. That’s why it pays to invest in your own online security.

On sale for a limited time, the Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Bundle will shore up your online defenses for only $69.99.

Featuring Dashlane Premium and HotSpot Shield Elite, this bundle bolsters your browsing security on all fronts. Rated 5/5 by PC Mag, Dashlane manages all your online passwords in one secure interface and syncs across multiple devices. Plus, it lets you store and import auto-fill information with military grade encryption, so you can save time filling out forms.

Meanwhile, HotSpot Shield Elite masks your browsing movements on its own secure network, letting you browse anonymously and free from fear of hackers and identity thieves. Using any of its 20 worldwide networks, you can mask your IP address and access geo-restricted content. Plus, HotSpot Shield also offers complete cloud-based malware protection.

Combining password protection and web anonymity, this bundle is a cybersecurity one-two punch that will keep hackers and government agencies at bay. Normally retailing for $179.89, the Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Bundle is on sale to BGR readers for more than 60% off, making the final price only $69.99.