The majority of Galaxy Note 7 leaks that preceded the official announcement indicated the phone would have a tremendous amount of RAM on board, 6GB to be specific. That’s certainly overkill when it comes to smartphones, and we’ve already seen at least one company come out with a smartphone packing 6GB of RAM that did worse in real-life tests than the Galaxy S7 edge and the iPhone 6s, all for the sake of conserving battery life.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has 4GB of RAM on board, matching the Galaxy S7’s specs. That should be sufficient for most smartphone users. But those fans who want a Galaxy Note 7 with even more RAM on board might find it in China.

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According to regulatory documents filed with the Chinese Industry and Information Technology Ministry, the Samsung SM-N9300 might be the device in question. In addition to the 6GB of RAM, this Galaxy Note 7 flavor might sport 128GB of built-in storage, or double the amount available on regular versions

As SamMobile points out, Samsung has done this sort of thing before. Last year’s Galaxy Note 5 shipped with 128GB of storage out of the box in China.

This year, Samsung might be looking to compete better against local smartphone makers who sell high-end devices at mid-ranged prices in China. That’s the case with the OnePlus 3, which has 6GB of RAM, a phone that Samsung beat in real-life performance test before OnePlus updated with a better RAM management feature.

That said, there’s nothing official from Samsung to confirm that a Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is on its way to China. But if Samsung does release it, you will probably not find it anywhere else.