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In Silicon Valley, skill speaks louder than fancy degrees. As long as you can master programming cornerstones like Python and Linux, you too can land a lucrative spot in the tech world. The Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle can get you started for only $49.

Packed with over 60 hours of training, the Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle includes the following courses:

  • The Ultimate Python Programming: From Beginner to Expert
  • Learn Python from Practical Projects
  • Python Programming & Linux Administration
  • Python with Django: Build Web Projects using Django & Python

Across 4 courses, you’ll learn Python syntax and discover how to create your own clients and servers with socket programming. Build a number of data visuals, understand how to create statistics files with Python, and master one of most popular coding languages out there.

As the icing on the cake, this bundle will also teach you about Linux system administration with Python. You’ll become a multi-faceted programming whiz as you dive into network and open-port scanning and build GUIs with Python.

For a limited time, BGR readers can get the Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle for over 90% off its $1,200 retail price, making the final price only $49.