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Many of us are passionate about video games, but few go beyond just playing them. With the Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle, you’ll get the training you need to code, design, and publish your very own game on a number of platforms. Head over to BGR Academy and sign up for only $59.

Packed with over 120 hours of 3D and 2D game design training, this bundle includes the following courses:

  • Build iPad, iPhone & OS X Games for SpriteKit in Swift: Refine your iOS dev skills as you build five games from scratch
  • Professional Video Game Art School Course: Learn how to animate characters and create models in 2D and 3D
  • The Complete HTML5 Mobile Game Development Course: Design hybrid apps with Phaser HTML5 for iOS and Android
  • Unity3D 2016: Build, Program & Publish a Crossy Road Game: Use a popular game engine to create a Crossy Road clone
  • Learn 3D Modelling and Texturing from Scratch with Blender: Texture 3D models with a free modeling and animation suite
  • Learn tvOS for Game Development: Dive into iOS programming and design games made for Apple TV

Across six courses, you’ll cultivate a diverse skillset in game development on several platforms. You’ll create multiple games from the ground up using industry-favorite tools like the Unity 3D game engine.

You’ll learn how to make hybrid games for Android and iOS, and you’ll discover how to build titles for emerging platforms like tvOS. This bundle also offers a beginner-friendly approach game art with introductory courses on 2D and 3D character animation.

Regardless of your experience, the Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle can take your gaming passion to the next level. Normally $1,112, this bundles is on sale to BGR readers for over 90% off. Just head over to BGR Academy and get it for only $59.