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We get it: spending money on personal finance training doesn’t seem that exciting (and it’s quite meta to boot). But it’s a move that’s guaranteed to pay dividends in the long run. Take control of your own finances, and prepare for the future with the Pay What You Want: Personal Finance Bundle.

The complete bundle includes these courses:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance
  • Complete Stock Market Starter Toolkit for Beginners
  • Create A Budget That Works
  • Personal Finance Masterclass
  • Value Investing
  • Personal Finance Volume I: Wealth Creation
  • Finance for Freedom
  • Investing 101

How does it work? Just name your price, and you’ll have access to the last two courses in the bundle. However, if you want to unlock all eight courses, you’ll need to beat the average price.

Complete with 33 hours of hands-on training, this course collection will teach you how to create budgets, invest in stocks, and generate passive income. You’ll learn the best ways to plan for retirement, boost your credit score, and negotiate better deals on homes and vehicles as well.

Just name your price, and you’ll be taking your first steps towards a financially stable future with the Pay What You Want: Personal Finance Bundle.