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In this day and age, we share important files about as freely as we share cat videos on Facebook. And if we’re not careful, we can easily get lost in the digital clutter. Thankfully, Spotdox and Email Archiver Pro are here to clean things up a bit, and the Ultimate File Sharing & Organizing Bundle has them both for only $17.99.

While most of us recognize Dropbox as king of the file-sharing game, the service isn’t without its flaws. Spotdox fixes one of Dropbox’s most glaring issues by letting you view, send, and share files from anywhere–rather than just from your Dropbox folders.

Meanwhile, Digital Archiver Pro helps cut down on inbox space by letting you convert your emails to PDFs and save them on your hard drive with a single click. Once they’re saved, you’ll have immediate access to your emails and can search through them with ease.

Together, these two space-saving apps would cost you $118.99, but for a limited time they’re on sale for only $17.99, over 80% off!