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Considering how much we use our phones daily, we don’t give much thought to charging them–that is, until we’re on the road. Trying to charge your phone in a car full of friends usually devolves into an all-out battle over the one or two USB ports available. But with the Urge Basics 4-Port Rapid Car Charger, you can all charge your devices in perfect harmony for only $13.99.

Equipped with 4 rapid-charging USB ports, Urge Basic’s car charger lets you charge up to four devices simultaneously and at blisteringly fast speeds. Although it puts out a ton of juice, this charger won’t overheat or overcharge your devices thanks to the OHC chip installed inside.

The next time you’re on the road with friends, make sure you have a charger that can accommodate them all. Only $13.99, the Urge Basics 4-Port Rapid Car Charger is available for nearly half-off its retail price of $25.