After spending weeks taking suggestions from users all over the world, Google has finally settled on a name for the next version of Android. The company revealed on Thursday that the latest OS will be called Android Nougat.

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Considering that Android versions are released in alphabetical order, we always knew that the next version would begin with the letter N, but at Google I/O last month, the company announced that it would give its fan a chance to pick the name. Of course, it still reserved the right to pick the final name for itself, which is exactly what Google did during the grand unveiling on Thursday.

Unfortunately, despite revealing the name, Google didn’t provide Android users with an official release date for Nougat. With the final developer build scheduled to release in July, there’s a chance it could be out as early as August, but September seems more likely. That said, even if it does arrive earlier than expected, it will only be available on a select few Android devices.