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In our modern age of self-driving cars, Mars rovers, and even blankets with sleeves stitched into them, it’s mystifying that we’re using the same metallic rings to hold our keys. The KeySmart Rugged Organizer has finally arrived, and for only $29.99 you can lay your clunky old keychains to rest.

Simple but effective, the KeySmart Rugged Organizer can hold up to 14 keys at a time, and still takes up less space than your usual keychain. Designed for heavy duty use, this organizer will keep your keys safe no matter what you throw at it. You can even clip it to your belt loop, removing any unnecessary clutter from your pockets, as well as attach essentials like your car key fob or USB drive.

For a limited time, the Keysmart Rugged Organizer is on sale for 40% off MSRP, making the final price only $29.99.