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We’ve all fantasized about owning a 3D printer, but the hefty price tags of most machines have kept our poor dreams at bay. Brought to you by over 12,000 backers on Kickstarter, the M3D printer is the first true high-quality consumer printer to hit the market for only $399.

Here are some of the printer’s coolest features:

  • Print reliably with a maintenance-free multi-calibration system
  • Replace filament with a handy filament compartment
  • Heat rapidly and accurately with an aerospace-grade ceramic heating system
  • Utilize precise positioning thanks to the micro motion-sensing chip
  • Enjoy 4 extra reels of filament to print more projects

Thanks to Kickstarter’s magnanimous community, the M3D Printer is the first consumer-grade, high quality 3D printer on the market. And it’s available with 4 extra reels of filament for only $399, 20% off its original price of $505.