A few days ago, Google confirmed that the final name for Android N would be revealed shortly. The company isn’t accepting suggestions from the public anymore – at Google I/O in May, Google opened up a portal where Android fans were able to enter their own proposals for Android N. Meanwhile, one Google exec might be trolling us with hints that Android N might be called Android Nutella. And he’s probably just trolling.

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Google’s senior vice president for Android, Chrome OS, and Google OS Hiroshi Lockheimer posted the following message on Twitter, complete with a teaser image.

You can see the various things he’s “just testing,” including a hat tip to the recently unveiled OnePlus 3, the Google Play store, and Microsoft’s Office suite. In the background, you can clearly see a Google search for Nutella.

Nutella is a brand that requires no introductions. You’ve probably enjoyed the cocoa spread more than once in your lifetime. And Android Nutella sounds great, perhaps even better than Android KitKat a few years ago.

There’s nothing official about Android N becoming Android Nutella, but Lockheimer surely knows what he’s doing. After all, you wouldn’t accidentally search for that at a time when Android fans are anxiously waiting to hear the dessert name of the next major Android release.