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A device that has the portability of a phone and the functionality of a PC? Not as crazy as it sounds! Despite its size, the Remix Mini Android PC is a computing powerhouse that combines the Remix OS with beloved PC features in a union so beautiful, you just might shed a tear (or two).

Here’s some of the Remix Mini’s best features:

  • Gain access to Remix apps and the entire Google Play library on one device
  • Work anywhere with Wi-Fi and 1G capability
  • Use the Remix Mini to stream music and video between Bluetooth devices
  • Backup your data with 128GB internal storage

Bringing together the best mobile and PC have to offer, the Remix Mini is the perfect device to take for on-the-go productivity. Retailing for $97, the Remix Mini is available to BGR readers for only $64.99–that’s nearly 30% off the retail price.