Google thought it would be smart to let Android fans name the next major version of its mobile operating system. Known as Android N while in beta, the OS will have its own dessert name when it launches this summer. But Google apparently lacked inspiration for choosing a proper name. Back at Google I/O 2016 last month, Google opened a portal where fans could submit their suggestions for Android N, without specifying when a final name would be chosen.

However, Google took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that Android N’s name will be unveiled very soon.

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Google has closed the Android N naming portal, as seen in the image below, meaning that no further suggestions or votes will be accepted from the general public.

android-n-final-nameImage Source: Google

Google is expected to release the final build of Android N at some point this summer, slightly earlier than in previous years – at least according to its announced schedule for beta and final releases from back in May.

Just like in past years, Google is expected to announce new Nexus hardware once Android N launches. HTC is rumored to be making the 2016 Nexus smartphones for Google, but a Huawei exec also said recently that the Chinese giant is working on a Nexus 6P successor that will be released this year.