Netflix has changed the way we watch TV forever.

Rather than waiting a week to watch the next episode of our favorite shows, we can now watch a hundred episodes back-to-back, if we so choose. This phenomenon is known as binge-watching, and on Wednesday, Netflix revealed a fascinating analysis of 100 of its most frequently streamed shows in order to determine which shows are most likely to be binged and which the audience would rather savor.

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The Binge Scale, as Netflix is calling it, is split up into 10 different categories, including irreverent comedies, crime dramas, thrillers and more.

Having analyzed both its own original series and series that have been licensed by the streaming company, Netflix discovered that viewers are more likely to binge on “high energy narratives” like Breaking Bad and Dexter while they prefer to savor “thought-provoking dramas” such as House of Cards and Mad Men.

In order to create The Binge Scale, Netflix examined viewer completion of the first season of over 100 TV shows. Any shows that were viewed more than two hours a day on average slid toward the “binge” end of the scale, while shows that kept viewers hooked for less than two hours a day fell on the “savor” side.

You can see a graphic displaying The Binge Scale below: