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While Instagram engagement isn’t the ultimate arbiter of photographic greatness, admit it: you’re always scheming ways to jack up your like count. Whether you’re trying to better engage your followers, or want to enter a new career altogether–The Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle is what you need.

This premium training comes with over 26 hours of lessons on everything from portraiture to DIY food photography. It also includes two sets of hundreds of stock photos with which to study the techniques covered in your lessons.

Here’s the complete bundle:

  • Photography Assets by Kasia Zmokla
  • Photography Assets by Tom Eversley
  • Black & White Photography in the Digital Age
  • Portrait Photography Masterclass
  • The Art of Travel Photography
  • Become a Better Photographer – Part I
  • Become a Better Photographer – Part II
  • DIY Food Photography
  • Advanced Creative Photography Skills

The Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle is the perfect way to get into photography. You can pay any amount and get access to two courses, or beat the average price and get the complete bundle to really elevate your photography prowess, one photo at a time.