Ever Netflix-cheated on your significant other with a binging session? Ever discovered he or she watched the newest episodes in your favorite series while you were either sleeping or away? There’s a fix for that, the Commitment Rings that will prevent any of you from binge-watch cheating.

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The surprising invention, that’s also a brilliant marketing stunt, comes from ice-cream maker Cornetto, who’s looking to fix “Netflix infidelity” with the help of smart wearable rings. “Love should last more than one season,” Cornetto says.

The rings connect to a smartphone over NFC, and an app can be linked to various streaming services for six months, including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others. Users then register the shows they want to watch together. After that, both parties will have to be present, and have their Commitment Rings nearby, to be able to play a new episode from any of the saved shows.

The following video explains how this concept works and includes a few details about Netflix cheating. Apparently, over 28 million Netflix users have binge-watch cheated on their loved ones. 21% of them did it while the other person was asleep, while 12% of them re-watched the show with loved ones, faking it.

Sadly, there aren’t any pricing details or release dates for this particular wearable, so you’ll have to keep checking the Series Commitment site for more details about it, or register with the site to receive more information about the product.