Gaming is not the future of virtual reality. Much as video games are currently a small segment of the broader computing industry, virtual reality and augmented reality will expand far beyond gaming down the road. But today, right here, right now, VR Grand Theft Auto is the reason virtual reality exists.

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Grand Theft Auto has grown much less controversial over the years as the world continued to be desensitized. Remember all the commotion GTA used to cause in the early days? Now it seems like anyone and everyone plays Grand Theft Auto games, and GTA 5 did more than $1 billion in sales in its first three days alone.

But you’ve never played Grand Theft Auto quite like this.

We have seen a people showing off GTA in virtual reality a few times now, but it somehow never grows old. In fact, each time we see a video of someone playing Grand Theft Auto in VR it makes us even more excited to try it ourselves. This latest taste comes from Reddit, and it’s easily one of the best videos we’ve seen so far. In addition to giving us a first-person view of the action, a small picture-in-picture box also gives us a first-person view of the person playing the game.

The full video is embedded below in GIF format so that you can spend the rest of your day watching it on loop and wishing you were the one actually getting to play GTA in VR. (It’s a big file so you might have to give it a few seconds to load.)