An abandoned winter resort in Kanin, Slovenia was recently taken over by a number of Red Bull sponsored snowboarders, including Marko Grilc and Red Gerard. With the ski resort seemingly untouched for about four years, Grilc and his cohort of snowboarders were able to have their run of the place.

“It’s just so insane to even be up here,” one of the snowboarders says at the beginning of the video, “and then at the same time to have all these features that we can ride on that you would never get a chance to ride in an open resort.”

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For anyone already familiar with and a fan of Red Bull’s endless array of heart pumping and high-adrenaline videos, this two-minute clip of snowboarders having a field day at ‘the office’ is definitely worth checking out.

One thing’s for sure: an abandoned ski resort looks like a lot more fun than an abandoned amusement park.