So you’ve just seen episode 3 of the new Game of Thrones season and you’re left with even more questions about the future (and past) of certain characters. We can’t tell you what’s in store for them since we don’t know yet either, but there’s a new trailer for episode 4, airing next Sunday on HBO.

If you haven’t seen any of the three episodes in season 6 so far, then you really should avoid the trailer as it does include a few potential spoilers.

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The problem with the Game of Thrones universe is that it has so many characters the audience wants to follow – all who play a major part in the story – that one hour is simply not enough to touch on all of them. Episode 4, titled Book of the Stranger, will feature some of the characters that weren’t included in last night’s Oathbreaker.

Littlefinger is back and he’s aware that Sansa has escaped. Meanwhile, the oldest Stark daughter, Brienne, and Pod are heading somewhere north. Have they reached Castle Black in search of Jon Snow?

Theon returns home and his sister doesn’t appear to be overly thrilled to see him. Daenerys looks like she’s going to be rescued, with Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis realizing where the Dothraki are keeping her. The queen is certainly expected back at Meereen, where things continue to fall apart.

We can’t ignore King’s Landing either, where the Lannisters and the Tyrells seem ready to team up against the Faith Militant.

Sadly, the trailer doesn’t appear to provide the answers we seek following last night’s episode. Watch the full video embedded below.

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