With all due respect to Batman V. Superman and Captain America: Civil WarDeadpool has really been the breakout hit of superhero movie so far this year. The foul-mouthed gun-for-hire took the movie world by storm earlier this year and soon you’ll have a chance to add Deadpool to your Blu-ray collection when it releases on May 10th. To celebrate this momentous occasion, film star Ryan Reynolds posted a hilarious new promo video that brilliantly spoofs Viagra ads.

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“Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for Deadpool,” the video says just before it lists off some of the ridiculous side effects that come from both taking prescription drugs and from watching the movie. “If you experience joint pain, easy bruising, vomiting, or clay-colored stool, stop watching Deadpool immediately. If you experience hair loss, skin sores and irritability, you may actually be Deadpool. And if you experience an erection lasting more than four hours… you’re welcome.”

Here’s the full video for your enjoyment: