Some things just go well together. Peanut butter and chocolate, the internet and hateful comments from anonymous strangers, Nintendo and hip shoes… wait, what was that one about Nintendo?

According to shoe blog Sole Collector, German shoe retailer 43einhalb has let slip that Vans and Nintendo will be collaborating this summer for a line of Nintendo-themed sneakers featuring some of the company’s famous characters.

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The shoes aren’t expected to launch until June, but thanks to the retailer, we have an early look at what at least a few of the pairs will look like:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Peach and Legend of Zelda-flavored Vans. I imagine there are going to be some very excited Nintendo fans this summer, even if the company is only bringing a single playable game to E3 2016 this year.