After a number of dispiriting rocket landing failures, SpaceX has been on something of a roll lately. This past December, SpaceX successfully nailed its first rocket landing when it managed to launch a Falcon 9 into space and bring the booster back down to earth, landing it on a concrete landing pad.

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More recently, and all the more impressive, SpaceX last month successfully landed one if its rockets on a floating barge in the middle of the ocean, an incredible technological and engineering feat to say the least. More than that, the landing is an encouraging sign that SpaceX’s ultimate goal of making space travel a cost-effective endeavor is on track.

In the wake of SpaceX’s successful ocean landing, the company has naturally been posting stunning photographs and videos from the landing. But saving the best for last, SpaceX last week posted an incredible and immersive 360-degree video showcasing its Falcon 9 rocket landing safely on a barge in the middle of the ocean.