Now that we’re way past the Batman v. Superman movie, it’s time to get excited for the next must-see superhero blockbuster of the year. In just a few days, Captain America: Civil War hits theaters so it’s time for a new don’t-call-it-a-trailer trailer. We’re treated to the second sighting of Spider-Man in this short 30-second clip, and we might get a hint as to whose side Spidey is taking in this clash between heroes and friends.

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It’s obvious that Spider-Man attacks Bucky in this teaser, the Captain’s old Winter Soldier pal. While that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to take Iron Man’s side in the final battle, it could be a pretty big clue. As you’ll see in the TV ad, Spider-Man is genuinely impressed with Bucky’s metal arm – but again, he attacks Bucky and that’s how he finds out about the arm. “You have a metal arm? That is awesome dude,” Spider-Man says, though we have no idea what happens in the ensuing fight.

Spidey’s funny remark and all the other action in this new Civil War clip follows below.