No matter where you work — whether it’s at home in your personal study, in a cubicle at an office building or in a factory — there are always precautions that you need to take in order to keep yourself and your coworkers safe. For example, don’t operate heavy machinery when you’re exhausted and always remember to throw away your tuna salad sandwich before it starts to stink.

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But after watching this video, you might rethink ever leaving your home again. In fact, if the workplace really is as dangerous as this United Safety Council video from 1994 makes it out to be, maybe we should all just move out to a flat field somewhere and live off of the land.

Originally uploaded by a YouTube channel called cultpoptrash, Atlas Obscura rediscovered this genuinely horrifying safety video titled Will You Be Here Tomorrow? late last week. Like many of our modern horror movies, the safety video relies on the goriest of special effects to get its points across.

Seriously, if you watch this video, you will see people get crushed to death, impaled by spikes, lose their fingers and more. I’ve never been more thankful to sit at a desk and write for a living.

Watch the full (NSFW, incredibly violent) video below:

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