It’s not technically a train, but it is travelling on tracks. It’s not transporting anyone to any destination either, but it does levitate with impressive speed it’s definitely a sight to behold.

The U.S. Air Force recently conducted an experiment where it accelerated a sled on a magnetic levitation track at 633 miles per hour, which just happens to be the new world record for maglev. That’s more than 120mph faster than in previous runs.

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Conducted at the Holloman Air Force Base by researchers from the 846th Test Squadron, the maglev experiment was more than successful. The team has been working on this technology for a few years and it has run similar tests in the past. The system uses helium to elevate the sled using superconductor magnets down a 2,100-foot track, Gizmodo explains.

It’s not clear whether the technology will be used to power actual trains in the future – the fastest MagLev train travels at 366mph – but this is an amazing accomplishment. Check out the short presentation video below.

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