Viral pranks are rarely as funny as you expect them to be, but when two brothers decided to convince their sister that a zombie outbreak had swept through Washington, DC, her reaction was priceless.

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YouTube user Cabot Phillips uploaded the prank video on Monday afternoon, but it’s already garnered over 1 million views as various publications have picked it up. In the video, Cabot and his brother take their sister to have her wisdom teeth removed. Still feeling the effects of the anesthesia on the ride home, she hears an emergency broadcast regarding a “viral outbreak warning.”

Confused, she tells her brother to step on the gas, and you can see the rest here:

The end is underwhelming, but these two brothers could not have picked a better subject for their prank. Who knew the decision between Funfetti and chocolate cake would be so difficult? Or that cat people cared so little about dogs?