In a scenario that has undoubtedly played out countless times in offices, at parties, in dorms, houses, or basically anywhere there’s a mass of people, individuals will hear the iPhone’s default ringtone blaring and will instinctively reach for their pockets to see if their phone is the culprit. In fact, the iPhone’s default ringtone – named Marimba, if you’re curious – is so ingrained in our collective minds that people will routinely check their pockets even if they have a completely different ringtone enabled.

For a little refresher, you can check out the ringtone in question here.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does.

Now imagine what that ringtone might sound like if it got a bit of a heavy metal makeover.

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Confused as to what that might sound like? Well, wonder no more. Recently, YouTube user ToxicxEternity, a man who clearly knows his way around a fretboard, did a mesmerizing metal rendition of and dedication to the iPhone ringtone we all know, love, and easily get annoyed with.