How do Finnish farmers keep themselves occupied during the winter months up north? Apparently, they put their creative energies to work and come up with unusual projects, such as a killer drone that has a chainsaw attached to it.

As you’ll see in the following clip, the flying chainsaw drone might sound crazy at first – and it is – but it could have some great uses, especially in winter. One of them, as highlighted in the video, is cutting down icicles and small tree branches. However, this drone can’t be used to chop down trees, although it can definitely wreck your neighborhood’s snowmen.

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This isn’t the first crazy drone design we’ve seen yet, as other people have mounted real guns or flamethrowers on drones. This time, around we’re looking at a DJI S1000 octocopter drone that’s strong enough to carry around a working, vibrating, chainsaw.

Check the video below to see this do-it-yourself project in action.