Years in the making, Elon Musk just a short while ago finally introduced the world to the Model 3. About 20% smaller than the Model S, the Model 3, as initially rumored, will start at $35,000 flat and will feature a minimum range of 215 miles.

Undoubtedly, first-hand impressions from folks lucky enough to test drive the vehicle will be coming in soon enough. But in the mean time, there’s still a lot to dissect. Of particular interest is whether or not prospective Tesla buyers are into the overall design of the Model 3.

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Now if you didn’t happen to catch all of Tesla’s Model 3 video stream, it’s already been uploaded to YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. You can check it out below.

If you’d like to skip the Tesla history lesson and skip right on ahead to the Model 3 introduction, you can fast forward the clip to about the 12 minute and 30 second mark.