You may have heard about Colin Furze before. He’s an inventor and YouTube star who comes up with all sort of interesting contraptions, including an ejector bed that will ensure you wake up on time and an Assassin’s Creed-style hidden blade and rope launcher. This time around, he’s created something decidedly scary: A thermite canon that can be used to blow up something from a distance.

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Thermite is the key element here. The highly powerful chemical compound will burn at temperatures of around 2,500 degrees Celsius, meaning you’d be able to pretty much melt away anything you want. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a thermite cannon or its target. Furze makes it all look like fun, but playing with something as dangerous as thermite is no joke.

That said, Furze’s video showing how you actually operate a thermite cannon follows below and it’s very worth checking out:

Meanwhile, here’s a video explaining what thermite can do:

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