The third of four planned Netflix series based on Marvel characters will debut on September 30th, the two companies revealed during the Daredevil NYC premiere this week. After playing a major supporting role in Jessica Jones last November, Luke Cage will take center stage in his own series this fall.

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On the red carpet, the cast of Daredevil lined up for photos and interviews, but there was a surprise appearance as well: Mike Colter, aka Luke Cage himself. You can see him at the 2:08 mark in the video below:

Nothing in the way of concrete details regarding the first season of Luke Cage, but at least we know that we can start binge-watching on September 30th.

Looking forward, Marvel is set to have one of its busiest years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began to come together nearly a decade ago. Daredevil’s second season premieres on March 18th, Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th, Doctor Strange arrives in November and we could see new seasons of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones before the end of the year.

That’s a whole lot to look forward to if you’re a Marvel fan.