The good news about the vicious terrorists who comprise Islamic State is that a lot of their followers are comically stupid. If you’re looking for an example, then check out a report from IndiaToday that shows how pro-ISIS hackers declared war against Google and then brought down the wrong website. No, you cannot make this stuff up.

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Apparently, there’s an Indian-owned website with the domain name that the geniuses at the pro-ISIS Cyber Caliphate Army hacker collective thought was actually Google. Given that the website is actually the website for a small tech firm, it proved a lot easier to hack and deface than the actually Google. Once they successfully hacked the website, they replaced its logo with a message that read, “Hacked by the CCA.”

Here is their threat to bring down Google earlier this week, as posted on the secure messaging app Telegram:

As a certain presidential presidential might say, “Not smart!”

The Cyber Caliphate Army has successfully brought down several British websites in recent weeks and says that it’s doing so to send a “message” to United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron. The message that he seems to have received is that they’re a bunch of idiots.

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