A sketchy rumor originally spotted by MacRumors suggests that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 Plus might actually be branded as the iPhone Pro. According to a report emanating from the Chinese website MyDrivers, Apple is considering the name change in an effort to more fully differentiate the larger 5.5-inch model iPhone from its smaller 4.7-inch companion.

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Truth be told, this idea actually makes quite a bit of sense. Consider this: At first glance, the only apparent difference between an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus would be their different screen sizes. But with rumors swirling that the iPhone 7 Plus will be the only iPhone model to be graced with the company’s exciting dual camera lens technology, why not make that distinction clearer with a ‘Pro’ designation?

As we’ve detailed previously, a dual camera setup on the iPhone would represent a huge step forward in terms of image quality, low light image capture, zoom detail and more. It’s also worth pointing out that Apple a while back acquired an Israeli company that was well-regarded for their slim camera modules that were capable of delivering near-DSLR performance.

That being the case, if the camera on what would ordinarily be called the iPhone 7 Plus completely blows all competing smartphones out of the water, calling it the iPhone Pro or iPhone 7 Pro makes a whole a lot of sense.